Learn “How To” For Your Car

At Shottenkirk Superstore near Burlington, we enjoy providing our drivers with helpful tips and tricks for their vehicles. Rather than writing out a “how to” guide, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and create detailed videos for all the visual learners out there. Whether you want to learn more about the technology of your car, such as how to pair your phone with Uconnect, or if you’re interested in vehicle maintenance, like how to check the life of your tires; we have the videos to teach you how to tackle these tasks. Learn more from our helpful videos below!

Shottenkirk Superstore Near Burlington Is Here To Help

If you want to learn more about your new car, Shottenkirk Superstore is here to give you all the information! Contact our car dealership today by calling 319-758-5900, or visit us at our convenient location near Burlington.

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