Why Choose a Chrysler

Benefits of Being a Chrysler Owner

While the immediate benefit of buying a Chrysler is obvious–you will own a stylish, reliable, and mechanically advanced vehicle–there are some other ownership perks that we at the Shottenkirk Superstore think you should be aware of. When you buy a Chrysler, you are eligible for the FCA DrivePlus Mastercard. With this card, you get $100 cash back with your first FCA US purchase, special financing with O% intro APR for six billing cycles, 2% back on gas and travel purchases, and 1% back on purchases everywhere else! You will also qualify for rewards (which are doubled when redeemed at Fiat Chrysler dealerships in the US). Each time you use the card, you will get reward points towards vehicle maintenance, accessories, parts, or even your next West Burlington Chrysler purchase!

Stay Connected

When you buy a Chrysler, you will have access to all of your vehicle information at the palm of your hand. When you set up an account for your vehicle, you will be able to see your vehicle information through your vehicle dashboard on your phone. From equipment and warranty information to maintenance records and service scheduling, you can do it all...with one click.

While keeping track of your vehicle history is integral, we all know you want to turn on the car using your phone. You can also flash your lights and warm up your vehicle from the comfort of your home using the vehicle dashboard. The Chrysler brand is committed to customer satisfaction. Chrysler makes things easy for you. At the Shottenkirk Superstore, we provide our customers with the same level of appreciation; we are grateful for your business and will continue to go out of our way to say thanks. Thus, its important to note that we also offer vehicle pick up and delivery service when you need it! No need to fret when youre vehicle needs service, weve got you covered.

If you have any questions about Chrysler ownership benefits, feel free to contact our Chrysler dealership at (855) 528-0417 or visit us in West Burlington. We look forward to working with you in the near future.